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IMG_4568We plan to establish an Affordable Farming Land Trust program in Hawaii that provides an effective, affordable method for establishing sustainable “family farms”. The program will include permanent long-term, renewable, and inheritable leases and the opportunity to build equity in the working farm. This includes the ability to construct farm dwellings and agricultural infrastructure. The initial program will be developed in Maui County, but will be designed for expansion statewide.

Maui ag produceMISSION:  Strengthening local food self-reliance and promoting the establishment and success of permanent, AFFORDABLE family farms.

VISION:  Through the provision of permanent, inexpensive leases on arable farmlands owned by a nonprofit community land trust, current and aspiring farmers wishing to establish family farms will build equity in their farms that can be passed on to their children or sold at an affordable level to new aspiring farmers.  In many cases, farmers will work cooperatively to coordinate their crop production, share equipment and supply costs, and effectively market their products.  Such cooperative ventures may share farm stands and commercial kitchen facilities for the production of value-added products.  By 2030, the increase in local family farms will help contribute to an overall production of at least 50% of the food needs of Maui’s population.